Monday, July 26, 2010

Thinking of Dad in Nova Scotia

This is an incredible place. I took my time today and followed a portion of the scenic south shore.

The number of bays and coves is incredible, each with it's own charm.
Dipped my boots in the Atlantic, then visited the Swissair 111 memorial at Peggy's cove. A completely different landscape than the rest of the province I had seen thus far, not what I expected but a great surprise.

Had lunch just south of Halifax and hoisted a beer thinking of my Dad. I always wanted to visit the place where he spent time as a young man in the Navy. I found Halifax harbour and some Navy vessels hoping it was close to the place where he found himself getting into trouble.

Cabot Trail on cape Breton tomorrow!!


  1. These are great! Almost makes me feel like I'm there with you. Glad that you "hoisted" one over the yardarm to that feisty Irishman!
    Love you lots!!! :D

  2. So glad your ride on the Cabot Trail was spectacular. It is beautiful country. Dad would love it that you lifted your glass in memory of him. He would also have loved that Lobster Pot Pie! Thinking of you from Waterton. xo Mum