Monday, July 19, 2010

Back into Canada

The upper peninsula of Michigan delivered as promised. Vast forests, a mixture of straight and twisty roads, a great ride. The bridge crossing from Michigan into Ontario was quite a sight but not really a good vantage point to get a photo. I got acquainted with the North shore of Lake Huron today and I like what I see. Almost everywhere I've been so far I find myself thinking that I'd like to spend more time exploring.

Interesting that after 3200km I have seen no wildlife except for 2 wild turkeys that I almost ran over. I thought I saw geese on the road ahead. Naturally I expected them to fly away but as I approached they turned and looked at me while I hit the brakes. Not too bright.

Here are a few photos

Spending the night in South Baymouth Ontario. Tomorrow a short ferry ride to Tobermory, then off to see Niagara falls!!


  1. Awesome "picts"(lol)
    1&4 are gorgeous shots!
    Can't wait to see some shots of the Falls...
    Love you bunches, W :D

  2. beautiful photo of the storm over the field....sounds like a great trip so far- keep on rolln'

  3. Great photos Dave. DCR would be proud.