Monday, July 26, 2010

July 25, It's raining again

The taps turned on full force ast night and I woke at 5:30 with it still raining. I could not wait it out as I had a reservation for the ferry from Saint John to Digby at noon. I put my tent away soaking wet and hit the road at 7 allowing myself 4 hours travel with an hour to spare in Saint John. It rained and rained until I got to the border at which point I read a little sign that said "you are now in the Atlantic time zone" OH Sh*@ I lost an hour! So I had 70 minutes to ride 114km and I was in line at customs wondering if I could make it. The highway was perfect and I set the cruise for 120kmh. Got to the ferry at 11:55 and rode right on.
A nice 3 hour cruise

The North coast of Nova Scotia near Digby Gut

Motel for the night in Bridgewater. Set my tent up in the room and all my wet stuff hanging everywhere, quite a sight.


  1. Lovely pictures! Great that you had beautiful weather for today's ride and that you had so much fun on the "windy" roads. I hope you will be able to take pictures of Peggy's Cove.
    Love you lots!!! W :D

  2. Fantastic Dave! I am really enjoying following your blog. I was on the East Coast quite some time ago and I remember that it was very beautiful. Throw a stone into the Atlantic for me! Oh ya, enjoy a bottle or two of Schooner...