Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Great Lakes

I traversed three states today, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and am now in Ironwood Michigan. Minnesota was incredible, starting with massive corn fields and ending with beautiful forest and plenty of lakes (look up the state slogan). Paul Bunyon says hello to everybody. Arriving in Deluth was impressive with expansive bridges and my first look at Lake Superior.

Having difficulty uploading photos, maybe tomorrow I'll have a better connection


  1. The AdventureLoft™ awaits your arrival. I got my call changed from Wednesday to Sunday. Check your email/ADV PM's for details. Safe riding, see you soon.

  2. Next time, if you have to ride alone... I'll send one of my Monkey pals along. They can't reach the pedals but they can ride in your pack. And they rock at starting campfires & telling stories! :-) (looking forward to the photos).