Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New York

Wow, what an incredible couple of days. Took the ferry from South Baymouth to Tobermory and met a GS rider from Queens. He was heading home after his trip and we spent most of the ferry crossing sharing stories. The Tobermory islands are beautiful and it was good to have a few hours relaxing off the bike.

When I got to Niagara Falls, I was dissapointed because all the parking is quite far off and I had no way of securing the bike.I took a few shots from the road that aren't great but I did get a good look at the falls and they are pretty cool.

New York state has proven to be as beautiful as all the others I have riden through.
The amount of forested areas has surprised me, and the number of classic farms with storybook barns and silos were fun to see.

Still no wild animal sightings but then I got to New York City. People everywhere like ants. All in a hurry but like a symphony, everybody knows the next persons move. Cabs, bike couriers, pedestrians, just what I expected but more intense than I imagined. I like it but it is a different world, especially right in the city.

My hosts are wonderful and love showing visitors their city. Tomorrow will be a walking tour of little italy and the world trade center site. I have to go see the empire state building and central park too. And I will be sampling food all day until I get to Yankee stadium where I may dine on a hot dog or two!


  1. I can't wait to see some "picts" of New York!
    Hope you have a wonderful day on all your little adventures tomorrow...
    Love W :D

  2. What's it like to be on a bike in Manhattan whilst surrounded by a sea of Yellow Cabs? :-)

    We're really enjoying reading about your adventures! Many safe travels, and there is no such thing as taking too many pics! :-)