Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Black Hills and Wyoming

Another fantastic day as I rode through the Black Hills of South Dakota and across Wyoming. Black Hills National Forest has some amazing roads and scenery including Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

Mount Rushmore seems to be unreal. Its unimaginable that somebody sculpted it.

Wyoming is wonderful, similar to Alberta's badlands in many areas. At one point I rode over a pass at 9600 feet and I thought it might snow.
Stopped for the night in Greybull at the Antler Motel.


  1. As usual wonderful photos, Dave. These latest entries make me feel like I'm standing right there. You've had quite the adventure so far. Thank you taking the time to post your thoughts & pix & share this all with your followers. I hope you don't go into withdrawal when you come home! :-) Just go into "planning mode" for your next trek. Cheers.

  2. Looking very forward to seeing you at the cabin. Lots of room for both of you to stay.